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Coast to Coast
across America
by Bicycle



America! They call you "the beautiful", "land of the free", "the greatest country on earth" and even "God's own country". And the best thing about it: It's all true!

Isn't it time to see the real thing? And there is no better way to do so than by bicycle.

Here it is, the whole country, long and wide, sea to shining sea.

Physische Karte.jpeg


Here you see it all, the great harbors of the east, that have seen millions of immigrants, full of hope, the cities of California, where young folks invent a new future every single day, the Rocky Mountains with their national parks and the great plains, that feed the world.

Whoever looks at this map, starts to dream of the journey of a lifetime.

By bicycle

By bicycle

About this website

Coast to coast by bike, traveling all the way across the continental U.S.A., from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean by bicycle, that's what this is all about.

Isn't that extremely strenuous? Oh, yes, it is. There will be days when you begin counting down the miles right after breakfast.

I don't have much time. Will it take long? Yes, it will. The country is not only great, but big, too. Going all the way will take weeks and weeks of bicycling day after day.

Is there anything worthwhile seeing along the way? Yes, Americans. You will meet the most friendly and helpful people anyone could wish for. And the famous national parks, big cities, technical and historical monuments.

I own a car. Why should I use a bicycle instead to cross this vast country? Just to show, that you can do it. Because it is a challenge for mind and body. Because it is an experience and an adventure! Because it is slow.

Can I make it? Yes. Everybody able to cycle some miles can do it. You can do your training right on the job. Much of the route is more or less level and does not require excessive sportiness, but persistence and perseverance. And when you reach the Rocky Mountains, you will be so well-trained, that you will overcome this little obstacle without difficulty.

About this website

What else do I need? Good planning. This is, what this website is for. What are possible routes from coast to coast? How many miles? Which time of year is best? Or will I end up in ice or snow or hellish heat? Will I have a nice tailwind? That are the questions this website wants to answer by text and maps.

I'm German. Does my English sound funny or strange? Is the website helpful? Have you found any errors? Is anything important missing? Then drop me a note in the comments section below. I will take care of it (if I feel like doing so).

Do you like my maps? Unless otherwise stated, you can use and share any text, maps and images on this site, but only according to the rules of the CC BY-NC-SA.

Should you see any advertising here, it will be used to finance my next trip ...

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